Programs for Veterans, Active Duty and Military Dependents

Military Programs We Participate In
Military Programs We Participate In
Concurrent Admissions Program for Army Enlistees (ConAp)

A majority of individuals joining the United States Army list education as the primary reason for enlistment, and the Army prides itself on its long history of providing quality educational opportunities to soldiers. ConAP is a unique program to the Army and Army Reserve that creates a plan for future soldiers to attend college and use earned GI Bill education benefits, linking future soldiers to college at the time of enlistment.

Yellow Ribbon Program

UNL participates in the Yellow Ribbon program at the maximum amount. LB180 will waive certain fees for dependents of veterans killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty.

DANTES program

Military personnel and their dependents should contact the education service officer at their base or aboard their ship for details on enrolling in courses through the DANTES program.

American Council on Education

The American Council on Education (ACE) is committed to supporting America's veterans through the development of academic centers and networks that provide up-to-date and accurate information for veterans seeking entry into higher education.

Marine Leadership Scholar Program

The program helps honorably discharged Marines continue their education. They identify and connect Marines who qualify to apply to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. They work to ensure acceptance for qualified Marines to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Got Your 6

The "Got Your 6" campaign has united the entertainment industry with veteran-focused nonprofit organizations to connect civilians and military personnel so that veterans and their families are seen as leaders in the community. It creates opportunities for veterans and informs civilians on the military culture.

Department of Defense Memorandum of Understanding

The DOD MOU helps ensure verifiable, quality, affordable academic and training programs to our troops, thus ensuring our military continues to be the best educated fighting force in the world.

Interservice Physician Assistant Program (IPAP) - UNMC

Graduates will earn a Master's Degree from the University of Nebraska-Medical Center and receive a commission as a 1LT in the Army Medical Specialist Corps.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Programs & Benefits

Apply Veteran Experience Towards ACE 8 & 9 Requirements

Our general education program, Achievement-Centered Education (ACE) is based on 10 student learning outcomes. Undergraduates are required to take the equivalent of 3 credit hours in each of the 10 outcomes.

Two of the outcomes help you meet requirements to “exercise individual and social responsibilities through the study of ethical principles and reasoning, application of civic knowledge, interaction with diverse cultures, and engagement with global issues:

  • ACE 8 outcome: Explain ethical principles, civics and stewardship, and their importance to society.
  • ACE 9 outcome: Exhibit global awareness or knowledge of human diversity through analysis of an issue.

Because active military duty requires individual and social responsibility and cultural awareness, students may request that 9 months of active duty military service fulfill either the ACE 8 or ACE 9 requirement.

VA Education Benefits

Visit the Office of the Registrar for specific requirements, guidelines and programs available to you.

Veteran Student Task Force

Made up of professionals from key departments the task force is designed to evaluate and implement improvements to student veterans and military members (SVMM) support programs at the university.

Student Veterans Organization

It's just one way to connect with other veterans and military students to support and assist you as you work to complete your academic and career goals.

Military Application Fee Waiver

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln provides military students with an application fee waiver.

  • waiver only applies to service members, NOT spouses or dependents
  • only available for undergraduate admissions

Military status can be determined using the following items:

  • DD214
  • Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) This is what is completed prior to applying for military benefits.
  • Military Orders

Acceptance of CLEP Exam Scores

We accept military credit as well as CLEP exam scores. CLEP exams test mastery of college-level material acquired in a variety of ways — through general academic instructions, significant independent study or extracurricular work. CLEP exam-takers include adults just entering or returning to school, military service members and traditional college students.