Course Options for Current Students

Semester-based courses are a great option for on- and off-campus students with demanding schedules. It's the same UNL professors. Same UNL classes, with more flexibility.

  • Classes run on the same semester schedule as traditional UNL classes, including registration periods and final exam week.
  • Must be a currently admitted student.
  • Courses apply toward full- or part-time enrollment for insurance and financial aid purposes (e.g., scholarships, grants, loans, etc.)
  • There is no limit to the number of online courses you can take per semester.
  • Some online courses require on-campus testing on specific dates. Off-campus students may need to secure a proctor for testing. Course syllabus and announcements will provide testing information.
  • Textbooks and course materials are available through the University Bookstore.
  • Many semester-based online courses fulfill Achievement-Centered Education requirements.
  • There are no class meetings but some science courses have labs.

Add On A Business Minor

Non-business majors at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln can take online classes to add a business minor to their UNL degree.

You have 2 options to enroll:

Your individual situation will determine which courses are right for you. You should consult your academic adviser in your home college or department to determine if courses will meet the requirements of your degree.

  1. Online Courses with On-Campus Testing

    Intended for local students classes can be found through the MyRED Class Search by choosing Mode of Instruction > Online Class On-Campus Testing.

  2. Online Courses with no On-Campus Requirement
    Courses can be used by both local and off-campus students and can be found in the MyRED Class Search by choosing Mode of Instruction > Online Distance Class.