College Courses for High School Students

UNL Offers Online College Courses to High Schools

The Advanced Scholars program began in 2005 with the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) offering selected college-level coursework, research and other forms of experiential learning opportunities for high school students through the Nebraska Academy.

Students taking Advanced Scholars courses offered by CASNR automatically become participants in the Nebraska Academy (these courses have the following CASNR course prefixes: AGRI, AGRO, ASCI, ENTO, FDST, HORT, and NRES).

Today, high schools can offer a variety of online college courses to high school students by partnering with the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Advanced Scholars program. Students get a university experience, preparing them for the transition from high school to college.

  • Advanced Scholars courses meet UNL general education requirements.
  • UNL faculty teach Advanced Scholars courses. High schools do not provide teachers.
  • Courses are actual college courses students normally take as college freshmen.
  • Students experience college-level coursework and interact with college professors and students.
  • There’s no one-time exam that determines how many credit hours students earn.
  • The course, number of credit hours and course grade appear on the student's college transcript.
  • Credit hours can transfer to other institutions.
  • Advanced Scholars staff communicates with high school administrators about students' progress.

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Staff and Professors Work Together

The Advanced Scholars staff works closely with partner schools, proctors, students and families to assure the success of the program. We are happy to answer your program questions and provide general guidance. Our staff also communicate with professors and UNL campus staff to ensure students are exposed to a true university experience and coursework.

Advanced Scholars professors are the same professors who teach on-campus courses at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Professors are active in their respective fields, passionate about their teaching, and value the opportunity to share their knowledge with you.

Student Eligibility

Students should check with their high school principal or counselor regarding if their school is participating in the Advanced Scholars program. If not, the school must submit the High School Application form. Students apply to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a Visiting Student. Read about the application process for further details.

Qualification guidelines:

  • Complete prerequisite high school coursework with a "B" average or better.
  • Be a junior or senior or identified as high-ability.
  • Hold an overall "B" grade point average.
  • Have an ACT Composite score of 22 or higher (if applicable).
  • Have the support of the high school counselor and principal. Final recommendation of students is up to the high school.

Important Fall 2016 Dates!

  • Application Deadline: July 31
  • Open Registration: April 13–August 21
  • Classes Begin: August 22
  • Late Registration: August 22–29
    ($25 late fee applied)