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Combining a minor with your major will enrich your degree and help open opportunities for you in the job market. Studies of organizations show that the 2 most important characteristics employers associate with success are communication and interpersonal skills. Employers want to hire competent, technical professionals who are also strong leaders, effective communicators, and top-notch people persons.

The Leadership and Communication minor provides focused coursework that strengthens your employability base by helping you build leadership and communication skills. These leadership and communication development courses are appropriate for students from every UNL college.

Students eligible for the leadership and communications minor:

  • Current UNL degree-seeking students enrolled in an UNL undergraduate program. (Minor is noted on your UNL transcript.)

Students who can enroll in leadership and communications minor courses but are NOT eligible for the minor (considered non-degree seeking students at UNL):

  • Inter-campus University of Nebraska students from UNO, UNK and UNMC.
  • Visiting students from other colleges and universities.

You should consult with your program advisor regarding transferability of courses to your college or university.

Tuition & Fees For Leadership & Communications Minor

Application & Admission

Admission procedures for current UNL students:

Since you're already admitted to UNL, you can begin by registering for semester-based courses through MyRED.

Additional steps to initiate your enrollment with a leadership and communication minor:

  1. Request a College-Degree-Major-Advisor (C-D-M-A) form be sent to you from the registrar's office at 402.472.3635. This form will need to be signed by the ALEC adviser, your campus adviser and the CASNR Dean's Office.
  2. Contact the ALEC advisor to determine the courses you will need to take:

    ALEC Advisor
    L.J. McElravy, Ph.D.
    300 Agricultural Hall
    Lincoln, NE 68583-0709
  3. Mail the C-D-M-A form to the ALEC adviser for his signature.
  4. Request the ALEC adviser send this form to your campus adviser for their signature.
  5. Request your adviser send the signed C-D-M-A form to the CASNR Dean's Office (Ag Hall 103) for a final signature.
  6. Review additional instructions about the registration process.

Application and admission procedures for all other student types:

Program & Course Info

The leadership and communications minor provides an overview of the critical areas of communications and interpersonal skills in six courses (18 hours): 

  • All courses are online.
  • Courses follow the same schedule as on-campus/classroom courses, including final exam week.
  • Textbooks or materials for courses are available through the University Bookstore.
  • Some of the courses fulfill UNL ACE requirements. You should consult with your UNL advisor to verify courses needed for your degree program.
  • Some online courses require on-campus testing on specific dates. Off-campus students may need to secure a proctor for testing in these courses.
  • For UNL degree-seeking students: there is no limit to the number of online courses you can take per semester. However, you should consult with your major advisor before enrolling.
  • For visiting students: there are limits to the number of online courses you can take per semester. Please review the information at Admissions on Visiting Student requirements and limitations.

Please check with Registration & Financial Aid offices to ensure:

  • Courses count toward your financial aid (e.g., scholarships, grants, loans, etc.).
  • Courses apply toward full- or part-time enrollment status for insurance and financial aid purposes.

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Career Services

If you’re enrolled as a degree seeking student in a UNL program you’ll have access to the same career services as on-campus students. Don’t live in the immediate area? We’ll come to you by providing phone or Skype consultations.

After you graduate, the Nebraska Alumni Association will continue to help with resources and events for job seekers.


Online courses are taught by the same award-winning professors and researchers who teach on-campus classes.

Faculty advisers will help you choose courses that will define your personal and career goals while completing your degree.

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