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Distance Course Definition

In order for distance courses to be eligible for student financial aid and full-time status, they must meet the following University criteria, which are based upon federal regulation:

Distance education courses are delivered online via the internet, are instructor lead and instructor paced, and are designed to require regular & substantive interaction between students and the instructor and students and students, either asynchronously or synchronously, or through a combination of both asynchronous and synchronous interactions.

Distance education courses at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln are designated as follows:

  • ES (online class)
  • EX (online class on-campus testing)
  • EC (online contract class)
  • EM (courses in the MBA online program)
  • EH (Nebraska Now online class)

Developing a Distance Program

For questions about starting an undergraduate or graduate online or distance education program, first contact your department chair or college dean, then schedule a pre-proposal meeting with the following:

For graduate distance programs:
Tim Carr, Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Graduate Studies

For undergraduate distance programs:
Amy Goodburn, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Undergraduate Studies

If you have additional questions or just want to visit about opportunities, contact:

Renee Batman, Assistant Vice Chancellor and UNL's Distance Education Campus Coordinator

The University has designed guidelines to ensure that programs are aligned with university strategic priorities, support the originating academic unit’s mission, comply with university policy and operations, and are sustainable with available resources. Click on each of the following for a complete outline of academic processes for creating or modifying programs:

  1. Undergraduate programs
  2. Graduate programs
  3. Professional programs