Tips for Success

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Online programs help you fit school into your life. The faculty and staff at UNL will help with whatever we can in order to keep you moving towards your goal.

Time management and prioritization are a #1 priority for success as an online learner. Many students studying online have multiple commitments including work, family, home, community engagements, and other demands that pull on the time available to devote to learning. Being able to focus and meet deadlines is critical for both on-campus and online students; however, this becomes even more challenging when juggling multiple roles and responsibilities.

Tips for Being a Good Online Student

  • Confirm technical requirements and be sure you have access to the right equipment and software before class starts.
  • Connect with instructors early.
  • Create a schedule and stay organized.
    • Review the syllabus early, create a weekly schedule with assignment due dates, plan in advance and set aside more time than anticipated to complete projects and papers. Working full time, balancing family and personal commitments as well as online learning requires revisiting priorities regularly.
    • Stay on top of the week’s reading.
    • Log in often and look for new information posted throughout the week.
  • Have a consistent workspace.
  • Know what kind of learner you are, and plan how you will use your strengths to help you accomplish the class outcomes.
  • Ask questions.
    • Ask for help before things become emergencies, be proactive in self-advocacy.
    • Pose quality questions and engage in dialogues.
  • Utilize all the resources available—Get your books early and know how to access the library resources.
  • Apply concepts and material from your class in your job.
  • Keep your eyes on the goal — remember why you’re in school, and yet, set realistic expectations for yourself.
  • Self-direction and internal motivation are requirements. Be accountable for your actions (such as participation, group work, assignments).

And most of all celebrate the small wins and accomplishments along the way!

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