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Discover the world of microcredentials at UNL and seize the opportunities that await you. Created to empower students with valuable skills and knowledge, our microcredentials are more than just badges; they are your gateway to showcasing your expertise, achievements, and competencies.

What are microcredentials?

Microcredential courses are short-form offerings that develop a learner's competency in targeted, marketable skills. 

  • Focused Learning – courses are designed to provide you with the specific skills you need to excel in your chosen field or to explore personal interests.
  • Digital Badges – technology that allows you to showcase what you know on social media and in digital portfolios and connect that knowledge to opportunity.
  • Convenient Access – offerings that are available in a flexible format, making them easy to balance with your busy life. 

How to enroll in microcredential courses.

Ready to take your skills to the next level? UNL offers two ways to enhance your knowledge and career prospects by unlocking your potential with microcredential courses: NU Advance and SkillStorm.

  • NU Advance – UNL's easy-to-use course delivery platform for online non-credit and professional development education. Browse NU Advance courses.
  • SkillStorm – A collaborative partnership between UNL and SkillStorm offers industry-recognized credentials designed to supercharge your career mobility within the tech industry. Browse SkillStorm courses.

Whether you are looking to advance your skills, change your career trajectory, or enhance your knowledge, UNL's microcredentials are your key to personal and professional growth.

Tuition benefits through the University of Nebraska Employee and Dependent Scholarship Program cannot be applied to microcredential courses.